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We are pleased to provide you the opportunity to live and train in a very special and unique environment on Denman Island. The community has an excellent soccer field, which, in addition to the lakes, ocean and natural environment provides an excellent setting for you to excel. These residential programs have been running since 2000 with tremendous success, for many, the highlight of each and every summer! Each residential camp on Denman Island provides you with the opportunity to work hard on and off the fi eld. There are two training sessions daily, excluding Wednesday (day-trip to Tribune Bay) and Friday (morning session only). The sessions are designed to work on technical training (ie passing) with speed or agility training in the mornings, and the afternoons are reserved for functional training and small sided games. Days are topped off with a refreshing swim at one of the local lakes and Paola’s cooking has become legendary! Be prepared for a residential experience that includes great food and “good times!” 

All participants will be asked to submit a waiver/release form as well as a questionnaire regarding allergies/food and/or acknowledge any special or unique diets prior to the start of camp. All participants will also receive a camp manual to make them familiar with the island,our location and the expectations for the camp. We ask that camp participants be prepared to find their own way to and from the ferry terminal at Buckley Bay at the beginning and end of the camp (please con rm these details prior to the start of the camp). 

  • July 6-11, 2014 for FEMALES ONLY born in 2002-2000 & 1999-1996
  • July 13-18, 2014 for INTERMEDIATE players and goalkeepers born 2001, 2002, 2003
  • July 20- 25, 2014 for YOUTH players and goalkeepers born 2004, 2005, 2006
  • August 3-8, 2014 for ADVANCED players and goalkeepers born 2000-1996

Please note, the applicants for the Advanced Camps for Player and/or Goalkeepers must contact to confirm eligibility. The Advanced Camps are designed for VIPL, HPL, Provincial and Youth National Team Players. Importantly, all special requests for player movement between programs will be handled on an individual basis. Which means there is an opportunity for players to participate in programs based on skill rather than birth year.  All participants are required to register online:

Special Guests

  • Mark Bell Former Prospect Lake Soccer Association TD
  • Craig Glennie VIU Mariner’s Women’s Assistant Coach
  • Amy Vermulen former Candian Women’s National Team Player
  • Morgan Quarry Canadian Men’s National Team Manager
  • Burns Jennings Canadian Men’s National Team Equipment Manager
  • Big Daddy Denman (Bob Stankov) Goalkeeper Coach for the Victoria Highlanders
  • Ian Bridge Former Canadian Women's National Team Head Coach and Current UVIC Vikes Men's Team Assistant Coach

Camp Staff

  • Paola Brodsgaard Cook
  • Kathy Brodsgaard Cook
  • Kjeld Brodsgaard Bus Driver and Camp Maintenance
  • Isabella Brodsgaard Camp Baby
  • Frodo Camp Dog
  • Perky Camp Cat

Mentor Coaches

  • Alex the Goalie (Alex Jones) U16 VIPL Riptides
  • Charlie Purcell U14 VIPL Riptides
  • Jared Jones U15 VIPL Storm
  • Chris Ilyn U14 VIPL Storm
  • Oscar Novak U15 CRYSA Select
  • Peter Gledhill U15 VIPL Storm
  • Ryan West U16 VIPL Riptides
  • Danielle Robertson U15 VIPL Riptides
For further information please contact .

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